Driver Distracted By Cell Phone Charging Cord Causes Fatal Accident

Authorities believe that a driver was distracted by a cell phone charger cord that was tangled around his steering wheel when he caused an accident on August 8, 2013.

The accident occurred in the 13900 block of South Cicero Avenue earlier this month. The at-fault driver reportedly was driving a Ford Taurus when he became distracted by his cell phone charger around 4:45 p.m. The Taurus turned into the rear passenger door of an SUV and caused a crash, leaving the family within the SUV injured. The occupants included a husband, wife, and their son. Both the husband and son survived with minor injuries and received treatment at Palos Community Hospital. The wife was initially transported to MetroSouth Medical Center in Blue Island but later was transferred to John H. Stroger Hospital of Cook County for further treatment. According to her family, she survived for several days before succumbing to her injuries. Her family also indicated that the woman had a history of heart problems before the accident that may have been aggravated by the crash.

Police investigating the accident cited the driver of the Taurus for failing to reduce his speed to avoid an accident, improper lane usage, and driving without insurance on his car. It is unclear whether the driver will face any additional charges stemming from the death of the woman in the other vehicle.

When driving, distractions can arise in hundreds of different forms. Commonly, drivers may be distracted by eating, the radio, conversations within the car, or a cell phone or even by things outside of a vehicle like an accident or a flashy billboard. Though it may be human nature to be curious about some things and to divert your attention from the road, it is each driver’s job to stay focused on driving and to put the safety of other motorists first. When a driver allows distractions to divert his or her attention, accidents are much more likely to occur.

Many drivers believe that they are driving in a safe manner and that they are not distracted by anything while behind the wheel. Others believe that modern advances in technology mean that their use of technology makes them a safe driver. Despite these common beliefs, studies continue to show that a large number of drivers are distracted at some point throughout their daily drives and that technology may not reduce distraction rates significantly. Instead, these same studies show that drivers who use hands-free technology to make phone calls or text are still dangerous and are only moderately safer than those who do not use hands-free devices. The conclusion of decades worth of data indicates that it is the conversation itself and not the method of delivery that distracts thousands of drivers every day.



When a distracted driver causes an accident that results in injuries, the law may provide for a victim to make a financial recovery. This money can be used to pay for medical bills or to compensate a victim for lost income while the victim was injured. In many cases, there is insurance available to cover an accident, but often the insurance available is not enough to fully cover all losses. Illinois has low levels of mandatory insurance and as a result, in the case of a catastrophic injury or death, a victim may need to explore other avenues of recovery to obtain full and adequate payment.

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