Driver and Passenger Hurt After CTA Bus Hits at Least 20 Parked Cars on Kedzie Avenue in Chicago

In late December, a northbound Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) bus reportedly crashed into at least 20 parked cars and damaged a laundry business on North Kedzie Avenue in Chicago. The accident occurred near Diversey Avenue after the bus driver purportedly passed out behind the wheel around 9 am. According to CTA spokesperson Lambrini Lukidis, the collision was the result of a medical emergency. Although several cars were reportedly piled on top of one another due to the force of the impact, only the bus driver and a single passenger were injured in the crash.

Following the massive wreck, emergency crews allegedly transported the male bus driver to a local hospital in stable condition. Chicago Fire Department Media Affairs spokesperson Will Knight said the injured passenger was also hospitalized in fair-to-serious condition. According to Ariel Gonzalez, an employee of the company called to tow away the damaged bus, the freak accident likely caused at least a quarter of a million dollars in property damage.

In Chicago, many people use public transportation such as passenger buses on a daily basis. Schoolchildren, commuters, tourists, and others rely on bus drivers to transport them to their destination safely. Although all buses that operate in Chicago and throughout Illinois must be regularly inspected for safety hazards, thousands of passengers are hurt in crashes such as this one each year. Too often, bus collisions result from bus driver or manufacturer negligence.

Since most buses do not provide seat belts for passengers, someone who is riding a CTA or other bus during an unexpected crash may sustain serious injuries. As with any accident, bus crash victims may suffer head, neck, spinal cord, and other injuries. In addition, lost wages and benefits, temporary or permanent disability, medical expenses, and other damages may result. If you or someone you love was hurt in a crash while riding a passenger bus, you should contact a skilled bus accident lawyer to discuss your right to recovery.

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