Deficiencies in Bridges May Place Illinois Drivers in Danger

A new study indicates that more than 8 percent of bridges in Illinois have structural problems that may lead to dangerous conditions for drivers in the state. The study was conducted by Transportation for America, an organization focused on improving American infrastructure, and reports that nationally, about 11 percent of bridges are in danger.

Many of the nation’s bridges and overpasses are old, causing much of the problem. With most designed intended for a 50 year life, the average age of America’s bridges hovering around 43 years means that the current problem will only increase in the future unless steps are taken soon.

According to the report, Illinois has 26,514 bridges and overpasses, of which 8.7 percent have been deemed structurally deficient. This designation is applied to bridges that need some immediate repair to an area that threatens safety.

In the past decade, there have been multiple bridge collapses that have garnered public attention. Some of those turned fatal with unsuspecting motorists losing their lives. This study indicates that more tragedies like this could continue to happen, claim the lives of many Americans and injuring others. Illinois is no exception as the state’s numerous highways and bodies of water mean there are bridges and overpasses everywhere.

Awareness of safety concerns related to aging bridges increases but the means to fix the bridges does not follow. Without a significant source of financial support, many of these structures will remain in their dangerous condition indefinitely, threatening drivers on a daily basis.

Though it is cruel, there may be little that an average citizen can do to rectify this situation until an accident happens. After that, a victim may have a claim against a city or state for allowing a dangerous bridge to remain in its dangerous condition while in use. But this does not eliminate the problem or prevent loss of life which means that it is a focus on the tragic outcome and not on prevention.

If you have been injured in an accident caused by a dangerous or defective bridge, it is important to realize that you can get help and that you may have a claim for your loss. As a victim, it is your right to seek representation you deserve to help you in a time of need.

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