Death Toll on Illinois Roads Already High in 2015

What are the odds that you will be involved in a car accident while in Chicago or elsewhere in Illinois? If you are like the typical driver or passenger, you may believe the odds are low and that you are relatively safe while traveling the expressways, interstates, and streets of the Chicago area and while navigating the city itself. However, statistically, an American motorist will be involved in 2-3 car accidents during his or her lifetime and there are indications that those who reside in densely populated areas will be involved in more. By all definitions, Chicago is densely populated and even those who reside in the suburban areas surrounding the city often must deal with city traffic, placing them at an increased risk for a collision.

Fortunately many of these crashes are minor and will result only in damage to the vehicles involved. It may be described as a “fender-bender” that lets the motorists drive away from the scene and only inconveniences them with the damage done to their cars. In other cases, the damage may be extreme and a vehicle may be totaled, leaving a driver to walk away from the crash but to wonder how he or she was lucky enough to avoid an injury.

In the worst instances, at least one person involved in a crash is injured or is killed due to the accident and either that victim or the victim’s surviving family members are left to pick up the pieces of their lives following the collision. Though nothing can erase the harm done by these accidents, those who are affected may be able to seek financial compensation for their damages that can enable them to obtain payment for losses like medical expenses and pain and suffering. Speaking with a personal injury attorney about the possibility of a wrongful death claim or an injury claim can help you understand your options if a collision has affected you or someone you love.

So far in 2015, the Illinois Department of Transportation has confirmed that 141 fatalities have occurred on Illinois roads. With the year less than 25 percent over, that number should raise an alarm in the minds of drivers because it is relatively high and it represents an additional 14 fatalities when compared to this time last year. The 2015 fatalities happened in 127 different car accidents meaning that some collisions were dire enough to cause the deaths of more than one victim.

These fatal accidents were caused by a number of factors and some remain unclear at this time. Typical accidents that lead to wrongful death claims can be caused by drunk or impaired drivers, motorists on their cell phones or who are otherwise distracted, drivers who travel too fast for conditions, mechanical failures, and even inclement weather. An analysis of a collision may reveal that multiple factors – not one single action – caused a crash and may reveal that more than a single driver bears some responsibility.

As long as motorists continue to operate their personal vehicles, accidents likely will occur in the Chicago area and unfortunately, drivers and pedestrians will be injured and killed. When an incident affects your family’s lives and their personal safety, make sure you understand your legal options and whether you are entitled to obtain compensation for your damages.

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