Crash Near Joliet Leaves 1 Man Dead

A construction site and slowing traffic may be to blame for a multi-car collision on Wednesday morning that left one man dead. Authorities state that a 61-year-old man from Arlington Heights was driving his car, an Audi, on I-55 as he neared a work zone shortly before the intersection with I-80 outside of Joliet. Traffic began to slow and the man slowed as well.

Another driver behind the man failed to notice the slowing traffic and slammed into the back of the Audi. The Audi was behind a semi truck at the time and the force of the impact pushed the Audi underneath the truck’s trailer. The car that caused the accident, a Nissan, rolled over and struck a fourth vehicle in the area.

Both the driver of the Nissan and the driver of the Audi were injured in the crash and were transported to area hospitals. Though the driver of the Audi received emergency treatment and surgery was attempted, his injuries were too severe and he did not survive. There is no word on the current condition of the Nissan driver but officials described his injuries as non life threatening. He was cited in the crash for failing to reduce his speed to avoid a collision.

On average, over 500 car accidents occur every day in Illinois. Some are minor and just result in damage to the vehicles but others are tragic and can leave one or more drivers dead. As this accident illustrates, often it is an innocent person who is following the law and the rules of the road that becomes the victim when another driver fails to pay attention.

There is no excuse for being distracted while driving. The Nissan driver in this case reportedly came over a small hill and noticed traffic was slowing but he was driving too fast to respond. His mistake set off a series of events that involved three other drivers in a major accident and took one loved one from his family. When this happens, a civil fine for a traffic violation may not seem like enough of a punishment for all the harm that was caused.

In addition to the traffic fine the Nissan driver reportedly received, he may face civil claims for injuries from the other drivers involved in the accident or any passengers that were in the cars. This may include a claim from the family of the man that was killed for their losses stemming from his death, or a claim from the driver of the truck or the driver of the fourth car, if either were hurt. The law allows these types of claims so that victims of accidents can get the funds necessary to undergo medical treatment and to return to normal as soon as possible.

When an accident is more than a fender bender and results in injuries, those injured have rights that should be protected and enforced. The law provides the ability to make a claim but one must be made within the appropriate time frame or it will be barred. While recovering from an accident, you should not have to worry about how you will pay for your losses; you should have an advocate on your side to take the worry out of the legal aspects.



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