Chicago truck driver sentenced for causing accident with fatalities

A trucker from Chicago, Illinois is been given a sentence of 30 days in jail for his role in an accident that occurred in Ohio, according to the Washington Post. His truck was involved in a collision with a special needs bus during a snowstorm. Four people were killed.

The 60-year-old Chicago resident apologized in court on Wednesday to the families of the victims. Three special needs adults and the bus driver died in the accident that occurred in January, 2010 on Interstate 70 in the area of Springfield, Ohio.

The Illinois truck driver pleaded no contest to four counts of vehicular manslaughter back in August. He was released yesterday after the hearing in court, pending appeal.

Investigating police officers gave the opinion that the truck driver was driving too fast for weather conditions when the truck lost control and struck the bus. The Springfield News-Sun reports that the special needs vehicle was moving eastbound on Interstate 70 near US Route 40. At that time the westbound tanker truck being driven by the defendant lost control and went into oncoming traffic. Roads were very slick at the time of the accident and the trucker was going 57 mph.

Today’s newspaper reports do not state whether truck accident lawyers are involved in the case or if civil lawsuits have been filed.

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