Chicago truck accident attorney reaches settlements in 2 cases

The Illinois Injury Lawyers at Abels & Annes have reached a truck accident settlement on behalf of a client who was rear-ended on the highway due to the inattentiveness of a truck driver. The woman sustained several injuries to her neck and back that required medical care.

On May 25, 2010, the woman was driving northbound on I-55 through Bolingbrook, Illinois when a commercial Freightliner semi slammed into her 2008 Honda Accord as she reduced her speed to match traffic conditions. The Illinois State Police responded to the accident and conducted an investigation which placed the truck driver at fault. The report stated the driver had failed to exercise due care by reducing his excessive speed because he was admittedly not paying attention.

Unfortunately, the victim had an immediate onset of neck pain, and was transported by ambulance from the scene of the crash to the Emergency Department at Adventist Bolingbrook Hospital for examination. Upon her arrival, doctors performed a host of diagnostic tests and x-rays to determine the source of her substantial pain, and she was diagnosed with a cervical strain and cervicalgia. The doctors prescribed pain medication and instructed her to seek treatment if her pain continued. The pain did not subside, however, and she was forced to seek further medical attention for her low back pain, muscle spasms, and a radiating pain in her left shoulder caused by the pain in her neck.

She was then treated at a chiropractic office in the Chicago area where she was diagnosed with cervical and lumbar sprian/strain, myalgia, and muscle spasms. Her treatment plan consisted of conservative chiropractic spinal correction and manipulation therapy, and physical therapy. She required 16 separate session of chiropractic treatment before she was finally discharged.

A lawyer at our office negotiated a $12,000 settlement without having to file a lawsuit, saving our client the cost of litigation.

Accidents between cars and commercial trucks happen fairly frequently on highways, and the attorneys at Abels & Annes settled another case recently involving an inattentive truck driver colliding with a passenger vehicle.

On October 20, 2010, a man and his passenger were traveling in the right lane going east on I-80 when a commercial tractor-trailer merged into their lane and collided with their 1994 Pontiac Bonneville. The truck’s front bumper struck the driver’s side door of victim’s automobile, causing the car to fishtail out of control before coming to a rest on the opposite side of the highway.

The Illinois State Police Department’s investigation determined that the truck driver was at fault for the incident. They cited him for an improper lane change, as he was traveling at an excessive speed for the conditions and failed to exercise due care in ascertaining whether a lane change could be made safely. The driver admitted that he did not see the victim until after contact had been made.

Shortly after the collision, our client began to experience stiffness and radiating pain in his left leg due to back pains sustained in the crash. The increasing pain forced him to seek medical treatment at St. James Hospital where various tests were administered. The x-rays showed a significant decrease in vertebral body between C3 and C4 and he was diagnosed with a sciatica on his left side, a neck sprain/strain, and a muscle strain/sprain.

After the prescribed pain medication did not improve his condition, the victim sought treatment from a neurologist for his neck and back pain, as well as pain and a limited range of motion in his left shoulder. The doctor noticed a bruising on his left shoulder and had the impression that he had suffered a sacroiliac and lumbosacral strain.

On December 21, 2010, the victim returned to the doctor and indicated he was still having pain and limitations in his lumbar spine region. The doctor recommended that he continue physical therapy and return in a month. He was discharged by the doctor on February 1, 2011 after completing 12 sessions of physical therapy at a chiropractic office.

The Illinois Injury Lawyers at Abels & Annes negotiated a $13,500 settlement pre-litigation, once again saving our client court costs.

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