Chicago school bus accident injures 4

An Illinois school bus crash that happened on Friday on the Kennedy Expressway has injured four people, according to WGN TV. The collision involved a school bus and a car, and occurred in the evening hours.

There was an EMS Plan 1 response from the Chicago Fire Department which sent five ambulances to the scene around 5:40 PM. The accident took place in the southbound lanes around Division Street.

Due to the accident, two of the injured were taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital. One was in serious to critical condition and the other was in fair to serious condition. Two others were taken by ambulance to St. Mary Medical Center with non-life-threatening injuries.

All the passengers on the bus were adults, and it is not been reported what caused the crash.

In other Chicago area bus accident news, the Chicago Breaking News Center is reporting that a school bus in Skokie crashed into a building on Monday afternoon. Only the driver was on the bus and no one inside the building was hurt.

School bus driver was taken by ambulance to an area hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. The driver told police that the brakes failed as she was pulling out of a parking lot at 3412 Touhy Ave. She was a driver for the Illinois Central Bus Company.

Whether the brakes failed or not, if the driver was injured she will have the right to make an Illinois workers’ compensation claim. Work comp is a no-fault claim in the State of Illinois.

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