Chicago personal injury lawyer to represent passenger hurt in car accident

Illinois auto accident attorneys at Abels & Annes have agreed to help North Side resident that was recently injured in a collision. Our client was riding as a backseat passenger in a multiple vehicle crash.

The accident occurred in the area of Belmont and Kolmar Street in Chicago at the beginning of May, 2011. The plaintiff’s car was traveling behind a truck in a line of traffic. At that time, the truck slowed and stopped for emergency vehicles immediately ahead of them.

The plaintiff’s vehicle stopped in time, however her vehicle was rear-ended by the automobile directly behind them. The car that did not stop in time was then rear-ended by another vehicle, creating a second impact.

The Chicago Police Department responded to the scene and handled the crash investigation.

The plaintiff sustained back and neck injuries in the accident. She was seen shortly after the accident at Illinois Masonic Medical Center. There she was examined by ER physicians, x-rays were taken and she was prescribed a medication. She was diagnosed with neck and back sprain/strain.

Over the next several days following the collision our client’s pain increased substantially. She is now under the care of an orthopedic physician in Chicago.

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