Chicago pedestrian hit and run accident outside polling site on election day

A Chicago hit-and-run accident is seriously injured pedestrian on the south side, according to the Chicago Sun-Times . The accident happened just outside an election polling station Tuesday morning and the pedestrian was Martin Munoz, brother of State Sen. Antonio Munoz.

A driver of vehicle reportedly sped through the intersection and hit Munoz, age 40. The victim was taken by paramedics to Mount Sinai Hospital where he underwent surgery for significant leg injuries. The senator’s brother was apparently on his way to vote at the time of the accident.

Illinois pedestrian accident occurred just before 6 AM in the area of 4030 S. Archer Ave. The pedestrian was crossing Archer northbound towards the election station when the mid-1990s Nissan came through the intersection heading southeast. The car was traveling between 30 and 40 mph when it hit the victim. Occurrence witnesses heard screeching tires and then turn to see the pedestrian being knocked around 20 feet.

A Chicago police officer reportedly was working security the location. The officer gave chase in a squad car, was able to get a license plate number, but then lost track of the vehicle. Police have since located the vehicle and are speaking to a “person of interest”.

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As far as a civil claim is concerned, this case will likely turn into a hit-and-run / underinsured motorist claim. In my experience as a Chicago personal injury lawyer, most drivers that flee accident scenes end up not having valid auto insurance. Once an Illinois pedestrian accident attorney gets involved in the case, they will surely investigate whether a case can be pursued against the hit-and-run driver, however the claim will most likely end up being against the victims own auto insurance company.

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