Chicago pedestrian accident attorney settles truck accident case

Illinois truck crash lawyer Gary Annes has reached a settlement on behalf of a pedestrian that was injured in April, 2010. The truck vs. pedestrian collision occurred at the intersection of Monroe and Wells Streets in Chicago.

A truck driver had been traveling westbound on Monroe Street around 7:45 AM and was making a left turn onto southbound Wells Street. Our client was walking eastbound on the sidewalk on the south side of Monroe. When the pedestrian reached the intersection she waited for a walk sign, and proceeded to cross in a marked crosswalk one she received a walk sign.

When the plaintiff had made it almost all the way across the street, the truck driver suddenly made a left turn and hit her in the crosswalk. The front end of the truck struck the pedestrian’s left side. She was fully inside the crosswalk at the time of impact. She had an immediate onset of head pain and left side pain, especially in her left hip and shoulder.

The Chicago Police Department responded to the scene of the accident. After investigating, the truck driver was issued a ticket for failing to yield the right-of-way to a pedestrian in a crosswalk.

Over the next few hours the plaintiff’s pain became worse. She was seen shortly after the accident at Gottlieb Memorial Hospital.

At the ER she complained of head pain, neck pain, left shoulder pain and left hip pain. She was examined by emergency room physicians, a history was taken and diagnostic tests were performed. She was nauseous and eye twitching to the left was also observed.

Our client was diagnosed with a concussion and multiple contusions. She was prescribed pain medication and instructed to seek follow-up treatment after discharge.

Over the next few days the plaintiff’s symptoms continued, especially her headaches, neck pain, and left hip and left lower back pain. She first followed up with her primary care physician, who recommended that she seek treatment for her hip, low back and neck at the Illinois Bone & Joint Institute (“IBJI”), and also ordered a brain MRI.

The MRI was taken on May 15, 2010. The MRI revealed hydrocephalus, an abnormal accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid. Based upon the results of the MRI, she was referred for a neurological consultation. After an initial consultation the doctor performed injections in her occipital area.

The client had her first treatment at IBJI in April, 2010. Based on our ongoing headaches, neck pain and left hip/left lower back complaints she was referred to a neurologist and for physical therapy.

After a month of physical therapy, the client returned to IBJI. Continue to experience neck pain, left hip and left low back pain. Examination at that time revealed the client was walking with a list to the left and that she had a limited range of motion in her lumbar spine. She was prescribed more physical therapy and a home exercise program.

The plaintiff again returned to IBJI after another month of therapy. She continued to suffer left him and lower left back pain and neck pain. Physical therapy was again extended.

After further therapy she had improved and was discharged from treatment.

The claim settled for $35,000 pre-litigation, saving our client the expense of a lawsuit.

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