Chicago Injury Lawyers reach $60,000 truck vs. car accident settlement

Chicago personal injury attorneys at Abels & Annes reached a $60,000 settlement today for a client who sustained personal injuries in a February 4, 2009 truck accident.

On the afternoon of the occurrence the plaintiff was driving her vehicle southbound on I-94 just south of I-290 in lane number 3. The defendant was driving his semi-truck southbound on I-94 just south of I-290 in lane number 2. The car crash occurred when the truck driver switched lanes into the plaintiff’s lane and struck her vehicle. The rear passenger’s side of the defendant’s trailer struck the driver’s side of our client’s vehicle. Her car was totaled as a result of the damage caused by the auto accident.

We alleged in the claim that the trucker failed to keep a proper lookout, improperly changed lanes, failed to yield the right of way, was driving at an excessive rate of speed, and failed to exercise due care for the safety of those in the area, including the Plaintiff.

Following the truck accident the plaintiff had an immediate onset of back and neck pain. She was transferred from the scene of the accident to John H. Stroger, Jr. Hospital‘s Emergency Department. She was given pain medication and instructed to seek follow up treatment.

Over the next two days our client’s pain and discomfort got much worse. Her pain became so bad that she sought medical care from West Suburban Hospital‘s Emergency Department on February 6, 2009. There she reported increasing neck pain, mid/upper/lower back pain, headaches, lower abdominal pain and left flank pain. A history was taken, she was examined and diagnostic tests were performed. She was given more pain medication and instructed to follow up with her physician.

Due to her ongoing complaints of pain and discomfort the plaintiff sought treatment from an orthopaedic physician beginning on February 11, 2009. She complained of neck and back pain and stiffness as well as left wrist pain. The doctor found muscle spasms and muscle stiffness upon examination and prescribed a course of physical therapy. An MRI was ordered, which showed injuries to her low back and neck.

The physician determined that our client reached maximum medical improvement as of March 25, 2009 and discharged her from his care. Despite being discharged she continued to suffer from periodic pain and discomfort both in her lower back in her neck for several months.

As a result of her injuries our client incurred over $18,000 in medical bills and she also missed a week of work.

The accident case settled for $60,000 without a lawsuit being filed. The Cincinnati Insurance Group insures the defendant.

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