Chicago injury lawyers continue to review Illinois car accident statistics

Our Chicago car accident attorneys continue to publish results of the Illinois Department of Transportation’s report on serious and fatal accident statistics for 2009.

As we reported recently, fewer Illinois car accidents contributed to the nationwide reduction last year, but still more than 250 people a day were injured in traffic accidents in Illinois. On average, the state reports more than 800 crashes per day.

Types of Accidents

Passenger cars: 78 percent
Trucks: 14 percent
Motorcycles: 4 percent
Commercial trucks, buses, recreational vehicles: 3 percent
Serious and Fatal Injuries

Passenger Cars: 502 killed and 62,757 injured
Pickup Trucks: 86 killed and 5,775 injured
Van: 42 killed and 6,508 injured
Tractor Trailer: 3 killed and 396 injured
Farm equipment: 1 killed and 24 injured
School Bus: none killed and 242 injured
Other Bus: 2 killed and 576 injured
Motorcycles: 130 killed and 3,152 injured
Age of Drivers Involved

-18-year-old drivers had the highest rate of injury (23.96 per 1,000), as well as the highest fatality rate (96.79).
-Drivers 20-24 reported the most injuries (14,146) and fatalities (157).
-36 of the motorists killed were under the age of 18.

Road Conditions

Most accidents happened on dry roads, accounting for 195,301 of 292,106 crashes.

Dry: 642 fatal crashes – 44,523 injuries
Wet: 128 fatal crashes – 12,522 injuries
Ice of Snow: 45 fatal crashes – 4,844 injuries

Daylight: 402 fatal crashes – 42,952 injuries
Dawn: 10 fatalities – 837 injuries
Dusk: 19 fatalities – 1,430 injuries
Darkness: 222 fatal crashes – 7,279 injuries
Darkness (lit road): 179 fatal crashes – 10,490

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