Chicago injury lawyer settles uninsured motorist claim for $50,000 policy limits

Illinois auto accident attorneys at Abels & Annes have reached a $50,000 insurance policy limits settlement on an uninsured motorist claim. The case stems from an accident that occurred on June 18, 2010 around 5 PM.

Our client was hurt when his vehicle was T-boned by a vehicle being driven by an uninsured motorist at the intersection of S. Jeffery Blvd. and 68th St. in Chicago, Illinois. Our client was traveling northbound on Jeffrey approaching 86th Street when the uninsured defendant drove his vehicle eastbound, going the wrong way on 86th Street (a one-way westbound street). Further, our client had no stop sign in the right-of-way, while traffic on 86th Street (traveling in the proper direction) had a stop sign.

As the plaintiff went through the intersection the front side of the defendant’s vehicle struck the driver’s side of our client’s car. The force of the impact caused the plaintiff’s vehicle to roll over.

Following the collision, the client had an immediate onset of severe back pain, neck pain and chest pain. He was transported from the scene of the collision by ambulance to Christ Medical Center.

At Christ, the client complained of back pain, neck pain, and chest pain. A history was taken, he was examined, and diagnostic testing was performed. CT scans showed several fractured vertebrae in his spine, as well as a left posterior 3rd rib fracture, cervical soft tissue contusions, and paraspinal hematomas. He also received treatment for a tongue contusion, left hand abrasion, and medial knee abrasions.

He had to undergo several months of follow-up treatment with medical doctors in the Chicago area due to injuries sustained in the accident.

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