Chicago injury lawyer settles DUI car accident case for $200,000

Illinois auto accident attorneys from Abels & Annes have reached a $200,000 on behalf of a Bellwood, Illinois woman for injuries sustained in a Chicago DUI car crash. The collision took place on May 31, 2009 at approximately 3:15 a.m. Our client was driving westbound on I-290 near Racine, and the defendant was also westbound on I-290 near Racine. The at fault driver was racing and speeding, swerved out of his lane of traffic and struck the plaintiff’s vehicle. The force of the impact caused our client to lose control of her vehicle and hit a third car.

After causing the accident the DUI driver attempted to flee the scene of the collision but was apprehended. He was issued citations from the Illinois State Police for driving under the influence, driving too fast for conditions/failure to reduce speed to avoid a collision, leaving the scene of an accident and failure to give aid or information. The criminal case is still pending in Cook County.

Our client had an immediate onset of neck pain with paresthesia in her right arm following the collision. She was transported by ambulance from the site of the collision to Stroger Hospital’s Emergency Department.

Due to ongoing and increasing pain, the plaintiff sought follow up medical care on the following day at the Elmhurst Memorial Hospital’s Emergency Department. She complained of worsening neck pain radiating into her right arm with tingling and numbness in her face and arm, bilateral shoulder pain, back pain and pelvic pain. A history was taken, she was examined and additional diagnostic tests were performed. A neck strain was diagnosed and she was prescribed more pain medication and muscle relaxants and told to follow up with a physician.

Her pain continued to worsen. On June 3, 2009 she followed up with her physician. She complained of neck pain with numbness, back pain, left leg and hip pain following the motor vehicle collision. The pain was so bad that it was interfering with her ability to take care of her everyday needs such as getting around, bathing and shopping. Her doctor prescribed more pain medication, muscle relaxants and recommended that she see a specialist.

On June 9, 2009 the plaintiff saw board certified neurologist for her ongoing complaints of pain and discomfort. She complained of ongoing neck pain with related numbness and tingling into her right arm and right side of her face. She also suffered from back pain and glass particles in her left eye. The doctor prescribed a course of physical therapy and ordered a cervical MRI which was performed on June 15, 2009 and revealed a herniation at C5-6. A lumbar MRI was also eventually ordered due to her low back complaints which revealed a herniation at L5-S1.

Despite her course of physical therapy our client continued to experience pain in her neck with radiation into her right arm and lumbar back pain radiating into her right foot. She could not stand or sit for extended periods of time and her sleep was disturbed by her pain.

She also obtained treatment from pain specialist doctor who prescribed a course of lumbar facet injections along with oral pain medications. Having only received very short term relief with the initial injections, the doctor prescribed a course of lumbar medial branch nerve blocks. He then performed medial branch radiofrequency lesioning followed by a set of epidural steroid injections.

The accident affected the quality of our client’s daily living for nearly a year. Her condition make it difficult for her to sit or stand for any extended period of time, and difficult and painful to walk even short distances. She also had a hard time sleeping at night.

Medical expenses incurred by our client for treatment of the injuries she suffered as a result of the crash exceeded $50,000. The defendant was insured by American Family Insurance who paid on the claim.

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