Chicago injury attorney representing woman hurt in collision

A Chicago car accident lawyer at Abels & Annes is currently representing a local woman who was injured in an October 27, 2011 crash. The plaintiff was hurt when the Toyota Corolla she was driving was rear-ended by Ford Fusion driven by the defendant.

Our client was driving eastbound on I-90 in Chicago, Illinois, near Sayre. Traffic began to slow down and she brought her vehicle to a stop behind another car.

The defendant was also driving eastbound on I-90, behind the Toyota. He failed to slow down for traffic and rear-ended her. The force of the collision caused the plaintiff to hit her chest on the steering wheel.

The Illinois State Police Department responded to the scene of the collision. After speaking with both parties, the responding officer determined the defendant was at fault for causing the collision. The responding officer issued the defendant a citation for driving too fast for conditions/failure to reduce speed to avoid a collision. The officer also determined that he was following the plaintiff too closely and that he had a lack of driving skills, experience and/or knowledge that contributed to the collision.

We are arguing to the defendant’s insurance carrier that their insured failed to keep a proper lookout, drove too fast for conditions, failed to reduce his speed to avoid a collision, followed too closely, and failed to exercise due care for the safety of those in the area, and that based upon the facts and circumstances surrounding the occurrence at issue, it is clear that the sole proximate cause of the collision was the negligent conduct the insured.

Following the collision, the client had an immediate onset of neck pain, back pain, and right arm pain. She was transported from the scene of the occurrence by ambulance to the Resurrection Hospital Emergency Department. At the ER, a history was taken and she was examined. She complained of neck pain and back pain and underwent x-rays of her cervical spine which showed a straightening of the normal cervical lordosis. She was prescribed pain medication and muscle relaxants and instructed to seek follow up care.

Due to ongoing and increasing pain, the plaintiff sought follow up treatment from a medical doctor on October 29, 2011. At that time, she complained of neck pain, back pain, right arm pain, chest pain, and constant headaches. The pain was affecting her sleep and was worse with prolonged sitting or movement. Her physician took a history and examined her. She had tenderness to palpation over C1-7, T1-12, and L1-S1. She had tenderness to both sacroiliac joints, upper trapezius muscles and bilateral gluteals. The doctor noticed muscle spasms in her cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spines as well as multiple trigger points.

The physician diagnosed the plaintiff with cervical brachial syndrome, muscle spasms, lumbar facet syndrome, cervical, thoracic, and lumbar segmental dysfunction, sacroiliac dysfunction, and lumbar IVD syndrome. He instructed her to begin a course of treatment including neuro-electrical muscle stimulation, thermal modalities, manual therapy to the cerical, thoracic, lumbar spines and sacroiliac joints.

Pursuant to the doctor’s instructions, she engaged in a course of therapy October 20, 2011. She went to in twenty-four (24) sessions before being discharged on February 28, 2012.

Though not currently treating, our client continues to suffer from pain and discomfort in her lower back on a daily basis. The pain interferes with her activities of daily life and prevents her from engaging in some activities that she could engage in before the collision.As a result of the collision, the client incurred just under $10,000 in medical bills.

A Chicago car accident lawyer at our office will attempt to negotiate a settlement with the insurance carrier over the next month.

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