Chicago Hit-And-Run Leaves Motorcyclist Injured

It is June and summer has finally arrived in Chicago. With the warm weather and mostly dry conditions, motorist in the city likely have noticed an increase in the number of motorcycles riding on the roads. Motorcycles are a popular means of transportation in Illinois and often are a cost-effective way to get from one location to another. In fact, in recent decades, the number of registered motorcycles in the state has increased significantly, further indicating what many see on a regular basis: motorcycles are becoming more and more popular in Chicago as time passes.

Motorcycles are legally authorized to ride in the streets and have all the same rights as other forms of transportation, like cars and trucks. Riders must obey the same rules of the road as others but bikers are afforded the same protections provided by the laws. This means that bikers are authorized to ride and that other motorists must respect the rights of bikers by operating in a safe and reasonable manner.

Too often, drivers fail to look for or notice motorcycles in an area, leading to a crash that often leaves a biker hurt. When this happens, the laws in Chicago may entitled the victims of these crashes to financial relief for their injuries, a claim that is separate and distinct from any charges brought by local or state officials. These claims are even available in many accidents where an at-fault driver does not receive a ticket for his or her negligent actions. Speaking with a lawyer who has experience representing the victims of motorcycle accidents may help you understand your legal options if you have been involved in a crash.

A Saturday morning accident in Bucktown left a motorcyclist injured, according to local police. At this time, officials believe that a 28-year-old motorcyclist was riding shortly after 1:00 am in the area of Western Avenue and Milwaukee Avenue when the biker was hit by an unidentified car. The driver of the car reportedly fled the scene of the crash without reporting the accident or even stopping to see if the biker was injured. Officials believe that a dark truck attempted to turn in front of the motorcycle but failed to do so when traffic was clear, leading to a crash that left the 28-year-old man injured.

Emergency medical crews responded to the crash and transported the man to Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center for treatment. His current condition remains unclear.

Authorities have not yet identified the driver of the truck believed to have been involved in the crash though their investigation continues at this time.

A motorcycle accident can be very serious in its own right. It is only made more serious when another driver fails to remain at the scene. In the event that a motorcyclist is too injured to call for help, the other driver may be the best option for obtaining immediate medical assistance, and a driver who flees the scene makes that option impossible.



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