Chicago car accidents, pedestrian accidents, account for the majority of city’s traffic fatalities

As our Chicago accident lawyers await the release of crash statistics for 2009, we are taking a look at information released by the Illinois Department of Transportation, which provides a comprehensive review of Chicago accident data in 2008, the last year for which information is available.

Chicago reported 111,693 traffic accidents — or more than 300 accidents per day. A total of 166 motorists were killed and 21,313 were injured. Rear-end collisions and accidents involving parked cars accounted for almost half of all accidents.Chicago pedestrian accidents accounted for the largest number of fatal accidents. One-third of all fatal accidents (52 of 156) involved pedestrians and nearly one-third of all fatalities (52 of 166).

Chicago car accidents involving a fixed object resulted in the second-highest number of fatal accidents (50) and fatalities (57).

Weather/Road Conditions

Four of five accidents occurred in clear conditions, on dry roads, during the day. Of the 11,693 accidents,

-Clear: 83,737
-Rain: 12,792
-Snow: 7,846

-Dry: 73,289
-Wet: 19,196
-Ice: 3,351

-Daylight: 71,287
-Dark/lighted road: 26,354
-Dark: 5,876
Of the 219,337 vehicles involved in accidents:

-Passenger cars: 148,971
-SUV: 19,274
-Vans: 13,866
-Pickup: 7,389
-Bus: 2,699

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