Chicago car accident lawyer files lawsuit

Illinois car crash attorneys from Abels & Annes have recently filed another personal injury lawsuit in the Circuit Court of Cook County. The case stems from an accident that took place on November 19, 2008 at 21 W. 95th St. in Chicago.

Our clients, who were a driver and passenger in 1997 Chevrolet Blazer, were stopped in traffic when they were rear-ended by the driver of a 1997 Dodge Dakota. Our driver sustained low back injuries and the passenger sustained back and neck injuries in the accident.

Due to their injuries, the driver was seen at the ER at University of Chicago Hospital, while the passenger was seen at the Holy Cross Hospital emergency room.

Over the next several days our clients’ pain did not go away. The plaintiff/driver sought treatment with a medical doctor. That doctor then prescribed course of physical therapy which consisted of therapeutic exercise, electric stimulation and heat treatment. The client went to treatment for round 10 sessions over the next month. By the end of December he was feeling much better so his physician discharged him from care.

The plaintiff/passenger also sought follow-up treatment with physician.

There was an attempt to settle the case pre-litigation, however we did not feel insurance carriers offer was sufficient, our clients agreed, and the lawsuit was filed.

These two clients were somewhat fortunate in that their injuries were not too serious and considered “soft tissue”. Often we represent plaintiffs who were involved in similar rear end collisions that sustained more significant injuries, such as a herniated or protruding disc. Click here to read more about back and neck injuries.

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