Chicago area car crash claims life of Peoria resident

An Illinois auto accident has resulted in the death of a man from Peoria Illinois, according to the Chicago Tribune. The crash occurred this past weekend in Will County on Interstate 55.

The victim from Peoria, age 44, died shortly after his Ford Mustang was involved in a separate accident with a Toyota. Just before 7 AM the driver rear-ended a Toyota Camry. After the accident his car was stopped in the left lane of the Interstate.

Unfortunately, the Peoria resident remained in his car while the occupants in the vehicle ahead of him got out to inspect damage. At that time, another Toyota Camry driven by 28-year-old St. Charles resident rear-ended the Mustang with great force, causing it to move forward and strike the occupants of the first Camry.

The driver sitting in his Mustang died at the scene. The three occupants outside their vehicle were were taken by ambulance to St. Joseph Hospital and Silver Cross Hospital.

The Illinois State Police responded to the accident and handled the investigation. The driver of the second Camry involved was ticketed with failure to reduce speed, driving too fast for conditions and operating an uninsured motor vehicle.

The investigation is ongoing.

Due to the fact that the driver of the second Toyota Camry did not have insurance, the Illinois personal injury attorneys that get involved in the case will look to set up an uninsured motorist claims on the injured parties’ own auto policies. Click here to read more about Illinois uninsured and under-insured motorist claims.

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