Chicago Area Bike vs. Car Accident Claim Settled

Chicago Car Accident Lawyers from Abels & Annes, P.C. have resolved a bicycle accident claim for a DuPage County resident who was hit by a State Farm driver. The accident happened on June 28, 2008 in front of 529 S. Ardmore in Villa Park, Illinois. Our client was riding his bicycle southbound along the curb of the northbound lanes when the northbound defendant hit him with his car.

Our client was taken from the scene of the crash by ambulance to Elmhurst Memorial Hospital. He had complaints of right ankle pain. X-rays were negative for fracture and he was discharged with instructions to return if pain increased.

Over the next few days his right leg and ankle pain remained. He also had headaches, weakness, and trouble walking. His pain was exacerbated by movement.

On 6/30/08 the plaintiff was at home and felt very weak and dizzy. Paramedics were called to his house and he was taken back to Elmhurst Memorial. A CT scan of his brain was negative. He was prescribed Motrin. He reported head pain of 8 and leg pain of 9 on a scale of 1-10. He was diagnosed with post traumatic headaches and right ankle sprain.

After discharge, the plaintiff developed back, neck and right shoulder pain over the next several days. On July 25, 2008 he went to see an Osteopathic Physician for his pain. He was diagnosed with lumbar strain and shoulder strain. He again followed up on July 28, 2008 with the doctor and had the same complaints.

The case settled pre-litigation for $12,000.

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