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Illinois truck accident lawyers from Abels & Annes filed a lawsuit stemming from a truck vs. car accident that took place in Bellwood, Illinois. The accident occurred back on October 18, 2009 at the intersection of 25th and Madison.

The plaintiffs (both driver and passenger) were northbound on 25th St. stopped at a red light at its intersection with Madison Street. At that time there vehicle was rear-ended by a truck.

The accident was investigated by the Bellwood Police Department. After speaking to the parties involved, the police issued the truck driver citation for driving too fast for conditions.

A teenage driver has filed a personal injury lawsuit after an Illinois trucking accident left her paralyzed.

The injured teen, age 19, filed suit last week against 12 people and companies involved in the muli-car collision on I-270 on Feb. 4, 2008 which left her 2001 Saturn trapped beneath the semi.

The Chicago trucking accident lawyers and car accident attorneys at Abels & Annes encourage anyone who has been in an accident with a semi or large commercial vehicle to seek the advice of a qualified attorney. This case illustrates the serious injuries and complex issues such a case presents to an injury victim seeking compensation for damages.

After failed attempts to reach a settlement, car accident lawyers at Abels & Annes have filed a lawsuit against a driver who is insured by State Farm. The claim arises out of an automobile vs. motor scooter collision which took place on June 25, 2008.

Our client was riding his motorized scooter westbound on Lawrence Ave. in Chicago, Illinois. The car in front of him had stopped to make a left turn and then came to a stop behind the car stopped in front of him.

The defendant was driving her Buick Century westbound on Lawrence Ave. She failed to stop for stopped traffic and struck the plaintiff. The front end of her vehicle hit the rear of the scooter. The force of the impact threw our client off the scooter and injured him. He landed on the pavement on his back.

The lawsuit alleges the defendant failed to keep a proper lookout, failed to stop for stopped traffic, was driving at an excessive rate of speed, and failed to exercise due care for the safety of those in the area, including the Plaintiff.

Following the collision the plaintiff had an immediate onset of head, neck, back and left foot pain. That night his condition worsened and he was unable to sleep.

Due to his worsening symptoms our client sought medical treatment the next day at an Urgent Care Center. He complained mostly of head and back pain. A history was taken, he was examined and diagnostic tests were performed.
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