Bono’s Bicycle Accident Injuries May Prevent Him from Playing Guitar

Regardless of where they occur, bicycle accidents can have tragic and devastating results. A person riding on a bicycle is at a high risk for injuries when a crash happens because there little to nothing between that biker’s body and another surface, whether that is concrete, asphalt, or the hood of a car. Cyclist regularly need medical attention following these accidents because injuries are so common and many times, bikers deal with cuts, abrasions, broken bones, impalements, road rash, and injuries to their head and back. While these may be common, they are far from the only damages that can result when a cyclist is injured.

Unfortunately, the frontman for the popular band U2 learned this in November and is still suffering from the consequences today. Bono, known for his rose-tinted glasses, musical acumen, and philanthropic efforts, was riding a bicycle in New York City’s Central Park in November when he attempted to avoid another bicyclist, causing a high energy bike accident. Emergency medical personnel responded and transported the singer to New York-Presbyterian Medical Center where he was evaluated for his injuries and assessed by several physicians. Doctors noted serious fracturing of Bono’s left upper arm, left shoulder blade, and eye orbit as well as abrasion and other damages and Bono received immediate surgery to repair his fractures and stabilize him, the most serious issue being his shattered arm. That injury alone reportedly required the insertion of three metal plates and 18 screws to stabilize and to return some function to Bono’s arm and hand. An additional fracture to Bono’s left pinky finger was repaired after the first round of surgeries and is complicating Bono’s rehabilitative efforts.

While doctors were able to repair his fractures and bandage his wounds, it now appears clear that the damaging injuries may have a lasting effect. Now, according to Bono, the singer may have permanent damage in his arm that may prevent him from playing the guitar ever again.

Bono released a blog statement on his band’s website recently informing his fans that the recovery he has faced has been difficult and that he fears his injuries may permanently affect his ability to play guitar. While Bono does not play often while performing with U2, the frontman does use a guitar in writing music and in playing for fun.

Injuries like those sustained by Bono unfortunately are common when people are involved in bicycle accidents in Chicago and across Illinois. Fractures or broken bones, head and neck injuries, contusions, abrasions, and internal bleeding are some of the injuries likely to result when a rider is involved in a crash, whether that crash involves another cyclist or even a car.

When a car strikes a bicycle, the rider of the bike is almost always injured and often left in need of medical assistance. This can be costly for a victim who did nothing wrong and who suffers due to the actions of a driver, but fortunately, the laws in Chicago are on victims’ sides. Those who have been hurt in a bicycle accident in Illinois may be entitled to seek financial compensation for the injuries they incurred as well as other damages experienced due to a crash, including but not limited to lost wages, pain and suffering, and the permanency of injuries.



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