Bartlett Man Killed In Motorcycle Accident

A Wednesday morning motorcycle crash claimed the life of a 24-year-old Bartlett man, according to local authorities. The accident happened near the 600 block of West Lake Street in Bartlett shortly after 10:00 a.m. though it is not clear if any other vehicles were involved.

The driver survived the initial crash and was transported to St. Alexius Medical Center in Hoffman Estates for emergency medical treatment but unfortunately the man did not survive.

There are about 240,000 registered motorcycles in the state of Illinois which means a large number of Illinois residents own and likely use those motorcycles on a regular basis. With motorcycle use increasing in the state, drivers are likely to see more and more bikes on local roads and highways. With an increase in motorcycle ridership unfortunately has come an increase in motorcycle accidents, some of which result in serious injuries and others that end in death.

Nearly 4,000 motorcycle accidents occur in Illinois every year and the majority of those result in some type of injury. Unlike a car or other passenger vehicle, there is nothing surrounding the driver of a motorcycle meaning that a biker is likely to contact the ground, another car, or a fixed object directly with his or her body. The human body is not designed to sustain such impacts and as a result, injuries are common. Many bikers choose to wear protective gear, including leather and helmets, to reduce the chances of a fatal crash but a biker can only do so much. Whenever a motorcyclist rides the roads, their safety is in the hands of other drivers and one negligent act can lead to a catastrophe.

Distracted driving poses some of the greatest threats to motorcyclists on Illinois roads even though it is against Illinois to be distracted behind the wheel. The increasing prevalence of smart phones, tablets, in-car technology, and an increased pace of life leaves many drivers attempting to multitask while behind the wheel. While it might seem like no big deal to some drivers, sending a text message or checking an email is a common cause of car accidents across the nation and claims the lives of thousands every year.

After an accident involving a motorcycle, many drivers claim that they simply did not see the biker until it was too late. Yet this is never a valid excuse as every driver is charged with the duty to watch for traffic at all times, including motorcyclists. Anyone who causes an accident that results in injuries or even death may be financially liable for the damage they incur to the extent of and possibly in excess of any automobile insurance they carry.



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