At Least 5 Cars Involved in Gurnee Car Accident

Travel by motor vehicle is the primary means of transit across America and for the majority of those that call this country home. It is a convenient means to get from one place to another with few hassles and with few delays – simply pick the time you wish to leave, follow your own plan, and you can make it to your destination. The convenience of car travel is why so many people utilize it even though the risks associated with it are high. Millions of car accidents happen every year and they were the number one cause of death for people ages three through 34 based on the most recent data. Though fatality rates have decreased as innovations in safety have emerged, many people continue to lose their lives annually and some of those victims previously called the Chicago area home.

These car accidents affect countless individuals when all is said and done. From the victims involved in the impact itself to the family members of those victims to friends and coworkers, the devastation can be immeasurable. While nothing can remove these losses, those who have been affected by a crash may be entitled to seek financial compensation for their losses when the accidents happens in Illinois. Victims can seek relief for losses including medical expenses and pain and suffering. In the event that a victim loses his or her life, the right to seek relief may belong to that victim’s surviving family members though no amount of compensation can ever be considered adequate in those cases. The legal issues surrounding these cases can be complicated so victims or others who have been affected may want to speak with a personal injury lawyer to verify the options available to them.

Several drivers were involved in a multi-vehicle accident in Gurnee on Friday morning and police are still sorting out all the facts that led to the impact. The crash happened near the intersection of Grand and Gurnee Mills Circle East shortly after 10:00 a.m. and began with a collision between two cars. That first crash reportedly pushed one of the vehicles into oncoming traffic where it collided with another three cars, making five vehicles in total that were involved.

Six victims were confirmed among the six vehicles and all were taken to area hospitals by ambulances. At this time, the conditions of the victims are unknown but all were expected to survive.

As police continue their investigation, they are reviewing information from all relevant witnesses in an attempt to determine whether any driver acted negligently or recklessly prior to the impact. If a determination of negligence is made, traffic tickets and/or criminal charges may be issued.



Car accidents can happen at any time and on any road, including all those that snake through the city of Chicago and that connect it to the surrounding suburbs. When one happens, many victims are left wondering whether anyone will be on their side and whether anyone cares about their rights. The personal injury lawyers at Abels & Annes, P.C. want to let you know that they care and that they want to help you.

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