Angels Pitcher Killed in Car Accident By DUI Hit-And-Run Driver

An auto accident has taken the life of Nick Adenhart, a rookie pitcher for the LA Angels, according to the Los Angeles Times and many other news outlets. The car crash occurred on April 9, 2009 just hours after Adenhart pitched six scoreless innings in his first game against the Oakland As.

The collision took place when a minivan ran a red light and struck a sports car that Adenhart was traveling in as a passenger. Two others in the vehicle were also killed. He was riding in a red Mitsubishi sports car. After the van hit them, the sports car crashed into a utility pole. One passenger in the sports car survived and is in an area hospital.

The driver of the minivan ran from the scene on foot and was caught by police a short time later. As the at fault driver was allegedly intoxicated, prosecutors in Orange County filed three counts of murder charges on Friday. He was also charged with leaving the scene of the accident and DUI. It is being reported that the defendant’s blood alcohol level was over three times the legal limit.

The minivan was allegedly going between 50 and 65 m.p.h when it ran the red light. The posted speed limit was 35 m.p.h. The defendant’s license was suspended at the time of this crash as a result of a prior drunk driving case. If convicted of all counts, he could be sentenced from 55 years to life in prison. He is in custody and will appear in court on Monday.

Hit-and-run accidents have been a theme in the news this week. In Chicago, Illinois there was a similar car accident on Friday when an off-duty detective from the Chicago Police Department slammed into a disabled car on the side of the Dan Ryan Expressway. He reportedly tried to flee the scene on foot and was also allegedly driving while intoxicated.

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