Actor Chris Brown Charged in Hit-And-Run Crash

Just when it seemed it had been a while since Chris Brown made the headlines, authorities announced that they have charged the famous singer after a hit-and-run crash that happened back in May. The crash reportedly happened in Los Angeles and has Brown facing charges of driving without a valid license and a misdemeanor charge of hit-and-run.

The accident occurred when Brown reportedly rear-ended another car near Toluca Lake. Reportedly Brown refused to give his driver’s license information to the other driver and gave fake insurance information. He then left the scene of the crash.

Failing to provide accurate information is a misdemeanor that could land Brown with jail time. However, the celebrity has taken to Twitter to strongly deny all allegations. According to his official Twitter account, Brown states that he provided his driver’s license information and that he had a valid license at the time of the crash. He also states that the insurance information he gave was correct. Brown has posted a picture of what he claims is the other car involved in the accident. According to him, the car shows no damage and there was no damage done to his car either. Brown alleges that the other driver noticed the cameras surrounding him and it caused her to contact “the cops thinking of a payday from Chris Brown when [he] followed proper procedures.”

These charges are significant for Brown who is currently on probation for a 2009 felony after Brown pleaded guilty to assaulting girlfriend Rhianna. With these new charges, a judge could determine Brown is in violation of his parole and revoke it, sending him to jail or prison. Prosecutors have claimed that they will not seek to revoke Brown’s probation due to this recent incident. Brown is also facing charges that he pushed a woman in a nightclub on Saturday night, causing her to fall and injure her knee. He also denies those claims.

When it comes to hit-and-run accidents, each state has slightly different laws but all states require a driver to remain on the scene after a crash and provide basic information. In Illinois, fleeing the scene of a crash that results in great bodily harm or death is a felony charge and can lead to years in prison if a driver is convicted. When a driver causes an accident that injures another and then leaves, the injured person may not receive the needed medical care, which increases the chance of permanent injuries occurring or even death.

Many hit-and-run drivers are identified after a collision takes place. When this happens, the consequences can be significant. Regardless of whether a fleeing driver is later identified, though, an injured victim may have a claim for injuries that are incurred as the result of a hit-and-run accident.

At Abels & Annes, P.C., we are Chicago hit-and-run accident injury attorneys who regularly represent clients involved in accidents where the other driver fled. If that driver is later identified, we may be able to help you bring a claim against the driver for your damages. If that driver is never identified, we may still be able to help you make a recovery under what is call an uninsured motorist claim through your own insurance company. When you are the victim of an accident, you have rights and we are here to help you realize what those rights are.

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