AAA Foundation launches Heads Up Driving Week on Monday, runs Oct. 5-11 to combat distracted driving

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety and AAA are urging motorists to come together next week in avoiding anything that leads to distracted driving.

From Oct. 5 to Oct. 11 the “Heads Up Driving Week” hopes to teach motorists better driving habits to avoid the dangers associated with distracted driving.

Distracted driving is a contributing cause to a large number of serious and fatal car accidents. Earlier this year, the Chicago car accident lawyers and personal injury and wrongful death attorneys at Abels & Annes wrote about the dangers of distracted driving as part of our Safe Driving series.

Nationwide, it’s estimated that more than 1.3 million crashes a year are caused by distracted driving — or more than 4,300 crashes a day!

Next week’s effort has AAA calling for a week when drivers put away distractions and focus only on the road– saying the real number of accidents caused by distracted driving could be almost twice that many –8,000 per day.

The AAA Foundation reports that 80 percent of drivers say distracted driving is a serious threat to their safety yet two-thirds of drivers admit to talking on a cell phone while driving.

With the theme “Please – try it for a week – do it for life,” the Heads Up Driving Week lists 10 ways to minimize distractions while on the road:

– Plan Ahead
– Stow electronic devices
– Prepare kids and pets for the trip
– Satisfy that craving off the road
– Store loose gear and possessions
– Get your vehicle road-ready
– Dress for success before you get in the car
– Get your brain in the game
– Evaluate your own behavior from the “other” side of the road
– Use new technology to make you drive better
Drivers interested in learning more about these categories can click here to visit the Heads Up Driving Week website.

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