Musician Todd Harrell Charged with Driving Under the Influence

Fans of the band 3 Doors Down know Todd Harrell as a founding member and former bassist of the group but others may know him from his legal problems over the last few years. In July of 2012, Harrell was arrested and charged with driving under the influence of prescription drugs after his Cadillac rear-ended another car. Then in 2013, Harrell was involved in a fatal accident in Tennessee that claimed the life of a 47-year-old man while Harrell was allegedly under the influence of drugs.

Now, police in D’Iberville, Mississippi have reported that Harrell was arrested there on Tuesday for suspected driving under the influence of an unknown drug or drugs. They are awaiting the results of blood tests before they can confirm or deny their suspicions of Harrell’s allegedly impaired driving.

Police have reported that they approached a vehicle with Harrell in the driver’s seat at an intersection in D’Iberville, the same city where he was arrested for DUI in 2012. A police officer noticed that the driver of the vehicle was slumped over the steering wheel while the vehicle was stopped. When officers attempted to speak with Harrell, they claim there were signs that Harrell was impaired and possibly under the influence of drugs. He has been charged with a repeated offense of driving under the influence while police and investigators continue to look into the occurrence and Harrell is currently free on bail.

Fortunately no one was injured in Tuesday’s incident but that was not the case last April when Harrell allegedly caused a fatal crash near Nashville. In that case, police claim that Harrell was speeding on an interstate and reportedly admitted to officers that he had consumed both hard cider and the prescription drugs Lortab and Xanax before driving that day. Harrell reportedly struck the rear of a pickup truck, causing the driver of the truck to lose control, strike a guardrail, and flip at least once before the truck came to a stop. The 47-year-old man behind the wheel died as a result of his injuries in that crash.

The band 3 Doors Down cancelled some of its shows out of respect for the victim’s family and later replaced Harrell with another bassist for future shows. In 2013, sources reported that Harrell entered a drug rehabilitation program shortly after the fatal crash occurred.

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is illegal in every state of the country yet daily, drivers continue to get behind the wheel while impaired, placing their own safety and the safety of others at risk. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has reported that nearly 20 percent of all drivers killed in accident who were tested for the presence of drugs had positive test results. In addition to these drivers, thousands of other innocent people lose their lives to drivers on drugs every year.



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